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Life is going to get tough. It’s one of those
certainties—like how your mother will
always be right. It just may take you a while
to realize it.
Life has a funny way of pushing you around
that really isn’t that funny at all. People are going
to pass away. Some will be far too young.
It will hurt. It probably won’t heal.
People will tell you that it only takes time,
but you will try to speed the process up with
gas station beer and Camel Crushes, hoping
they are wrong. And they are, but it doesn’t
mean you are right.
Life will punch you, right in the gut. It will feel just like
that time you fell off the swing in 3rd grade and
the ground knocked the air out of you.
Life will knock the air out of you, but don’t stop breathing.
Heartbreak will find you and it will crush you.
You’ll lay in bed with a heart as broken as the
mirror that fell off your wall in college. But
do not be fooled. A broken mirror is still a mirror.
And a broken heart is still a heart.
It will continue to beat just like that old clock on your
grandma’s wall that’s been there for what looks like
Life will get tough. Mama always said, “when it rains
it pours.” And you will find out again: Mama is always right.
You’ll get caught in the rain and soon you will
find yourself trying to cross a river of disappointment
so when those floods come, put on your
rain boots. Those rivers may be scary, but you are
stronger than they are. You may be as innocent as a sheep,
but be as courageous as a lion.
Always remember that people will let you down, so
stop letting them hold you down, but never
stop caring for them. Do no let yourself become bitter.
Bitterness is cancer and it will destroy from the
inside out.
Life will get tough and some days you will feel the weight
of the world on your back. Don’t feel bad if you have to slow
down and take a load off. Rest. You need it.
But never let the weight of life’s disappointments hold you
back. Keep your head up.
Life will get tough and your arms will never be long enough
to hug all the people who are hurting, but don’t let that
stop you from trying. You can’t save the world, but don’t
let that stop you from trying either.
Never give up. Never give in.
Wake up each day and smile at yourself. The most beautiful
person in the world is the one staring back at you.
Take that smile and give it away to everyone you
walk by, because smiles are the best medicine.
Most importantly, be good. Do good, despite how
bad the world seems. I promise you there is good in
this world. You just have to look, and, sometimes,
you have to be the good. You have to be the stars
shining in the darkest nights. You can do it.
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